Lens Options

All our frames include standard single vision lenses, However there are a multitude of lens options available to suit your needs. Our experienced will happily guide you through the various options and coatings to suit your needs.


We have a variety of coating options, starting at €20. These can be used to reduce reflections on your lenses, make them easier to clean, block UV even in a clear lens and even block harmful blue light for certain display screens.


Starting at €100, we can make your lens in a wide variety of materials to give you the thinnest and lightest lens possible for your prescription. We can also advise you on how frame size, shape and material will affect the thickness of your lens and help you get the very best looking pair of glasses for your prescription.


We dispense a huge range of different varifocal lens designs, the majority of which are glazed by our partner in county Clare. While varifocals are a slightly more expensive option, many patients describe them as life changing as they remove the need for two pairs of spectacles.


We carry a wide range of sunglass frames and can turn almost any frame in-store into prescription sunglasses. Ranging from affordable budget options to higher end labels such as Ted Baker and Christian Lacroix. You can choose from a standard UV blocking tint, Transitions and polarised lenses.


We’re very happy to fit lenses to your own frame. You just pay the price of a standard pair of lenses, €59, plus any lens upgrade options you may want. Work carried out to your own frame is at your own risk but we do promise to take extra care handling it.